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Are cries for Sprint Cup ban in Xfinity really a desire for a Busch ban?

The debate of whether or not NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers should be kept out of Xfinity Series competition has heated up again as Kyle Busch goes about his usual business of dominating Xfinity Series competition. It’s understandable considering Busch won three of the first four Xfinity races of the 2016 season. As for that one other race? He didn’t enter. Also, Busch led all but one lap at his home track of Las Vegas Motor Speedway and continued to dominate the following week at Phoenix International Raceway.

Are most of the folks calling for a Sprint Cup driver ban in the Xfinity Series wanting such a ban just because they’re tired of seeing Busch win? Some would admit yes while, I’m thinking, the others maybe aren’t being completely honest with themselves. I’m thinking if these people were being completely honest, just a Busch ban would suffice. But is that fair? Is it fair to want a specific player out of the game because he’s just that good?

I don’t hear outcries about Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick and instert other Sprint Cup driver name here competing in the Xfinity Series. Okay, so they’re not winning as much as Busch. That brings me back to my point of maybe this idea just being a veiled Busch ban.

News flash — the winningest driver in the series prior to Busch taking over that record was Mark Martin. Martin claimed that record as a, you guessed it, Cup driver. Okay, so maybe his domination of the series wasn’t quite at Busch level, but still, I don’t remember hearing any outrage then.

I’ve also heard ideas about letting Cup drivers race in the Xfinity Series but not for Cup teams or teams with Cup ties. Going back to my previous news flash — Martin ran those Busch-turned-Xfinity races for Roush Racing. Isn’t that a Cup team? Where were the critics then?

If we’re going to get our panties in a bunch over a driver dominating a series, why stop there? Joe Gibbs Racing is dominating the Xfinity Series, and not just with Busch? Did you notice that JGR drivers finished one-two-three the last couple of weeks? Why just ban Busch? Maybe Joe Gibbs Racing should be banned from Xfinity Series competition, because if Busch wasn’t winning, it’s looking like Erik Jones and Daniel Suarez would be. They may be dominating the series, so would it only be a matter of time before someone would be calling for their bans too?

Sure, they’re series regulars, so the critics would probably use that fact to support their arguements. Still, where were these critics in Martin’s day? Why aren’t they critical of other Cup drivers who win Xfinity races here and there? This didn’t become an issue until one driver started winning so much more than everyone else. So, isn’t this idea just to penalize one driver for being so good? Is that fair?

I read an article this morning that said the Xfinity Series is unwatchable now because of Busch’s dominance. Was the Sprint Cup Series unwatchable when Jimmie Johnson was on his run of five-straight Sprint Cup titles? Just wondering.

The writer of said story also brought up the fact that Suarez, again, another JGR driver, is the Xfinity Series points leader but nobody’s talking about that. Hey, dude, maybe you should write that story, then, instead of airing sour grapes about another driver being better than everybody else.

I’ll agree that seeing the same driver win week-in and week-out may get kind of boring after awhile, but is it right to move for a ban of that driver because of his success? And isn’t that really what this is all about?

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