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At Least Let Them Finish Dinner Before You Take Their Picture

By Dave Grayson
So, it’s now official that NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr are a fully acknowledged dating couple. Realizing their private lives were on the verge of becoming public, Danica Patrick officially revealed the couple’s status during the course of an interview with the “Associated Press.”
Is this really a story? Apparently it is. Patrick and Stenhouse quickly became the focus of alleged legitimate news agencies, sports networks, the entertainment news industry, the Internet and all forms of the social media in virtually no time at all.
In the very near future look for the entertainment media to assign them one of those cute couples monikers based on the fusion of their names. Something like DANRICKY or perhaps PATHOUSE. You can expect those over the top supermarket tabloid papers to run headlines such as: NASCAR POWER COUPLE REDEFINES THE RACING TERM BUMP DRAFTING!
Why is it that two, high profile, people can’t go out on a date without being followed by camera loaded paparazzi? It seems Americans are obsessed with the private lives of celebrities as well as the children of the high profile wealthy who are, for no apparent reason, famous for being famous. We have, in effect, turned celebrity gossip into a billion dollar industry.
Lets face it, if someone with the last name of Kardashian accidentally commits a public act of flatulence the story automatically rises to the top of the news cycle completely over shadowing the more important issues of the day. Somewhere in the vicinity of 1045 pm a talking head, from a local TV news desk with perfectly applied hair and make up, will present a news promo that says: “it’s another Kardashian bombshell, details at 11.”
There must be an element of truth to the national obsession regarding the private lives of public people. Look how I’m spending my very valuable time right now.
Hopefully, the day will soon arrive when Patrick and Stenhouse can enjoy their private lives without all of this attention but it may take awhile. In the meantime, if you see them walk into a restaurant try to show a little respect. At least let them enjoy their dinner before you point your camera loaded cell phones at them.

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