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Bill Nye the Science Guy’s criticism of NASCAR ill-informed and ill-placed

Bill Nye may tout himself as “The Science Guy,” but he’s by no means a NASCAR guy. I remember, late last year, hearing about Nye’s slam of the US’s numero uno form of motorsport. I guess it was around the time latest book came out. But, because of a blog post by Nye on Monday, Nye’s gripe of NASCAR has, once again, caught the ire of NASCAR Nation.

By the way, for the folks who think NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France is ruining the sport, you’d probably really hate some of the changes Nye would make. Check out his ideas, here.

I get not everyone likes NASCAR. Heck, there are sports I don’t care for. We’re all different, and we have different tastes. But I think Nye’s reasoning for disliking NASCAR are off-the-mark. Better yet, I think they’re downright unreasonable.

Nye’s criticism of NASCAR is an ill-informed one on multiple levels. He started his recent blog post by saying he’d been to a NASCAR race, so I’ll at least give him credit for giving it a chance, I guess.

Anyway, Nye criticized NASCAR for using technology of yesterday, as opposed to technology of tomorrow. He also mentioned wishing NASCAR was more like NASCAR and proposed the use of electric cars. Really?!?

NASCAR is a sport, not a government research agency. Nye did mention that NASCAR stood for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, so it can’t be said that he doesn’t know what those six little letters stand for. I guess I’ll give him a second point for that, but that’s where the Nye point-earning ends with me. I realize Sprint Cup Series cars haven’t been “stock” for years, but still, aren’t most stock cars on the street today powered by fuel, not electricity?

Nye also says that he wishes NASCAR would utilize technology of tomorrow instead of technology of yesterday. What about technology of today. I think that’s where NASCAR’s at right now. Again, NASCAR isn’t charged with the task of discovering tomorrow’s technology. That may be what NASCAR is (or was) for, but again, NASCAR is a sport. And as far as technology goes, maybe Mr. Nye should do his research. He may have gone to a race and he may know what the acronymn NASCAR stands for, but he’s behind oin his NASCAR tech. He mentioned the use of carburetors. News flash — NASCAR made the move to fuel injection a few years ago.

Here’s the final paragraph from Nye’s blog:

“I’m not saying we should all be driving turbine engine-powered cars. I’m saying racing should be about the future rather than the past. How about NASCAR becoming NESCAR (National Electric Stock Car Racing)? The sooner NASCAR (or NESCAR) embraces electric drive trains, the sooner the US can be the world leader in automotive technology, and the sooner we can stop pumping carbon dioxide into the air every time we want to go somewhere to get groceries, pick up the soccer team, commute to work or watch a race.”

Why is this NASCAR’s responsibility? I’m thinking maybe Nye needs to start his own racing series. After all, he already has a name in mind.

Before I end my blog post, I want to point out one more thing. I get the impressing that Nye is one of those people who mistakenly use NASCAR as a blanket term to refer to all forms of motorsport. He mentions that auto racing when he was a kid was a place for technological advancement, referring to displays at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. He then mentions a car that almost won the 1967 Indianapolis 500, but there’s no mention of any NASCAR race car from back in the day. Hello, Mr. Nye, the Indy 500 is not, nor has it ever been, a NASCAR race.

Oh, and if you’re interested in electric car racing, Mr. Nye, it already exists. It’s called Formula E. Maybe you should follow that form of racing that already exists and seems to be what you’re looking for, instead of trying to change other forms that aren’t your proverbial cup of tea.

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