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Brad Keselowski’s criticism of car perplexing

After wrecking out of the Quaker State 400 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Kentucky Speedway in Sparta on Saturday night, Brad Keselowski was vocal about NASCAR needing to develop a new car the sport can be proud of, because the new car isn’t it.

“It is a poorly designed race car and it makes racing on tracks like this very difficult to put on the show we want to put on for our fans. You do what you can to gouge and claw on the restarts and get everything you can get. You have to put yourself in bad situations to do that and that is where we were. If you don’t make those moves on the restarts, then you run in the back. Or you have a bad day. The scenario that the car design, more than the track,” were Keselowski’s exact words.

Of course, Martin Truex Jr. was on the opposite end of the spectrum after claiming his third win of the season. When told of Keselowski’s comments, here’s what Truex had to say:

“He’s (Keselowski) on the Drivers Council. He’s a big part of the lower downforce. So, yeah, he was probably just made, because he got wrecked.”

At first, I attributed Keselowski’s comments to “heat of the moment” frustration. But Keselowski took to twitter later to clarify his comments. In that clarification. He didn’t say the car wasn’t so bad, after all. Instead, he pretty much just said that his comments weren’t a reflection on the sport, just the car, that the sport, itself, is great.”

I find Keselowski criticism of car perplexing.

I’ll preface what I’m about to say by pointing out that I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m not going to pretend to be.

Based on my limited understanding, I took Keselowski’s comments as a complaint about a lack of downforce. Wasn’t that the goal, though, of NASCAR in implementing recent aero changes? You know, the aero changes the Drivers Council, of which Keselowski is a member, had a significant role in asking for an coming up with.

As far as Keselowski’s possible role in coming up with the current aero package, in his defense, we all have moments of thinking we want something and then not being so happy with it when we get it. Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s opinion of the overtime line is a perfect example. He admitted recently that he thought the overtime line idea was great when first announced, but now, not so much.

But if Keselowski is griping about a lack of downforce, I say, ‘Mission accomplished.’ After all, wasn’t a significant downforce decrease the goal? I think so. Besides, judging by his comments, sounds to me that driving the car is more difficult nowadays, putting things more in the drivers’ hands. And wasn’t that what these guys wanted?

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