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Brian France needs to be more present but not on every race weekend

Brian France (photo courtesy of Getty Images for NASCAR)

Brian France (photo courtesy of Getty Images for NASCAR)

We’re a week removed from Brad Keselowski’s comments during the NASCAR Media Tour in Charlotte, N.C., suggesting that NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France show his face more often at the tracks on NASCAR weekends. As a matter-of-fact, Keselowski gave that suggestion when he was asked about one thing he would change about the sport.

“If I could make one change it would be that the leader of the sport is at the race track every weekend,” Keselowski said last Wednesday. “That would be my change.”

With, at least perceived, issues pertaining to attendance, scheduling, rules changes, etc., Keselowski thinks the biggest issue in the sport is France’s usual absence on race weekend? Remember, this is the guy who complained publicly multiple times in 2017 about a Toyota advantage/Ford disadvantage.

That goes to show just how big of a deal France’s usual absence is to at least one driver, well, at least one current driver. Keselowski’s not the first drive to express concern about France’s absence. Tony Stewart expressed the same concern before he retired from full-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series competition as a driver at the end of the 2016 season.

Does France really need to be at the track every weekend, though? I don’t really think so, but I think he should show up more often than he does.

France’s father Bill France Jr. and grandfather Bill France Sr. were present each weekend back when they ran the sport, sure, but things are different now. I’m going to say they’re better or worse at this point in time. I’ll just say they’re different.

Each national series has its own director, and those directors are present at the track for each of his respective series’ races. There also are several other NASCAR officials at the track each weekend, folks in positions that didn’t exist back in the days of France Jr. and Sr. Brian France may not be at the track most weekends, but there still probably is more management at the track these days than there was two decades or so ago.

“I frequently say, and I’ve said this before, if I thought that I was the last one out of every event and I turn the light off on the way out that that would grow the sport in some way, I would do it,” France said in 2011, as quoted in an ESPN article.

France insists that he’s still busy running the sport, even if he’s not at the track every weekend, and I think that’s reasonable to believe. We are talking a big-time, national-level sport, here; there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work to be done.

Since France is at the top of the heap in terms of NASCAR management, I think he should be at the track more often than he is, though, as I said near the beginning of this post. Maybe at approximately a third to half the races? I’m guessing one of his tasks is wooing corporate partners. Where better to do that than during a weekend at the track? After all, isn’t that the product he should be trying to sell?

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