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Chase NASCAR’s answer to March Madness

chase smallThe Race to the Chase is now complete, and now NASCAR’s focus shifts to the actual 10-race Chase for the Sprint Cup. In case you’re unaware of who’s in the Chase and who isn’t, here’s the list.

Not only was getting into the Chase a whole different ballgame, at least for the way 13 drivers got into it, but the Chase format, itself, is going to be a lot different this time around. Four drivers are going to be eliminated based on wins, and then points, every third race, with four drivers left standing to battle for the championship in the final race.

As a University of Kentucky basketball fan, I have to say, I’m experienced at filling out NCAA brackets each March. I won’t go so far as to say I consistently do well in bracket pools, but I’ve won my share.

Why did I bring up NCAA brackets and pools on an auto racing site? Maybe its just me, but this whole new Chase format kind of makes the Chase somewhat like the final rounds of the NCAA tournament. Of course, there are exceptions. For instance, eliminations come every three races, not after every game. Also, all competitors are in all races, or games, instead of just two going head-to-head in each event.

Still, the first three races are kind of like the Sweet 16. Of course, the NCAA tournament doesn’t have a round of 12, but fast forward three additional races, and there’s an Elite Eight. Then, three races later, you guessed it , you have the Final Four. And NASCAR’s Final Four is the season-finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

What am I actually getting at, here? I’m thinking office NASCAR Chase pools. I’m wondering if years from now, coworkers, buddies, etc., will be working on their Chase brackets for the big pool. It could happen.

But then again, will the Chase even be around then? Oh well, it’s here now, so I had better get started on my Chase bracket. Anybody know of a pool anywhere?

For those of you who have found a Chase grid/bracket pool, or just want to fill out your own grid/bracket, here’s one you can print and fill out. Enjoy!


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