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Cut Brad Keselowski a break on flag non-issue

Nobody paying attention can reasonably accuse NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Brad Keselowski of not being patriotic. If the fact that the top mission of his Checkered Flag Foundation is assisting veterans wasn’t enough, how many other drivers do you see making a victory lap with the American flag after a race win? By saying that, I’m definitely not saying other drivers aren’t patriotic. Instead, I’m pointing out specifically that Keselowski is.

That celebration with the flag, unfortunately, got him into some hot water, though, with a few unreasonable fans after his Sunday victory of the Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway when he dopped the flag.

Yes, I understand that the flag is not supposed to touch the ground, but I also understand the high-speed wind that blew over LVMS all afternoon Sunday. It created a dust storm for crying out loud. It’s not like Keselowski just drove away, leaving the flag on the ground. No, he stopped, exited his car, and picked it up.

One vocal tweeter cyber-confronted Keselowski, insisting the driver should’ve apologized for dropping the flag. Keselowski then tweeted an explanation. Here’s what the driver had to say:

“The 30mph wind ripped it from me. The apology is stopping right-a-way and picking it up.” — @Keselowski.

Well said and well explained Keselowski.

Fortunately, the additional attention the Twitter exchanged garnered looked to be predominantly supportive. Looks like there’s still some reasonable folks out there on social media.

For the others, get your panties out of that bunch and be happy this guy helps veterans and, from what I can tell, loves the flag. Sure, maybe the PC thing to do would’ve been to say, “Hey, I’m sorry I dropped that flag out there,” during his victory lane interview. But, really!?! Cut him some slack. And, Brad, keep up those patriotic celebrations.

Those are my two cents, for whatever that’s worth — about two cents, I guess.

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