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Dale Earnhardt Jr & Amy Reimann: NASCAR’s Kimye?

NASCAR Evening Series Presented by Bank of AmericaDid they or didn’t they? Did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West secretly get married over the weekend? That seems to be the big entertainment news the last few days. Okay, I admit it; I’m kind of an entertainment news junkie, even when I’m not quite familiar with the celebrities making the news. Yes, I watch E! News regularly.

No, I haven’t resorted to turning my blog space at into some kind of Kimye wedding watch update. Instead, I’m using this spot today to let Junior Nation know that they need not worry about Dale Earnhardt Jr. planning a $2 million wedding as recently reported in the National Enquirer — at least not yet (Read article here).

According to the story, Earnhardt and longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann are planning a $2 million wedding to take place at Daytona (Fla.) International Speedway by year’s end. For the record — and this can be confirmed — Earnhardt was asked about the Enquirer story this past weekend at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway and not only are he and his girlfriend not planning a wedding or setting a date, they’re not even engaged.

Okay, Junior Nation, this is where you breathe a sigh relief.

I admit, I hadn’t heard of this Enquirer story until I read Earnhardt’s response when questioned about it. But I do admit that I have since read it, and I like to think I could’ve smelled the poo poo from it from miles away.

Why is that?

The details of the wedding, that’s why. No offense to newly wedded or soon-to-be wedded NASCAR fans who had or will have a NASCAR-themed wedding. They’re great for NASCAR fans, as weddings should reflect the couple. Yes, Earnhardt is a NASCAR driver, so I guess a NASCAR-themed wedding would reflect at least a part of who he is, but really, how many NASCAR drivers have you heard of having a NASCAR-themed wedding? If that day ever comes for Earnhardt and Reimann, I don’t expect them to be any different.

If you didn’t read the Enquirer story, here are some of the details (and this is quoted directly from the story): “His wedding ceremony will be at the Speedway led by a procession around the track in racing-themed cars and ending with a checkered flag at the finish line!”

Again, no offense to NASCAR fans who would consider this sort of thing a “dream wedding,” but it sounds at least a little more than tacky to me. I don’t really seeing Earnhardt, himself, going for this kind of thing, let alone interior designer Reimann. For some reason, I’m picturing this possible wedding — down the road — to be a little more classy.

Wedding or no wedding, I guess Earnhardt and Reimann are NASCAR’s Kimye. Just call them Daley, or Damy. Okay, those are the only two I’m able to come up with at the moment. Why would I make such a comparison? Because they’re no stranger to Enquirer fodder. If you don’t remember, let me refresh that memory for you. The way a lot of Earnhardt fans found out about his lady love was through another Enquirer article. You remember, the one that went into detail about how Earnhardt stole Reimann from husband Tommy Cook, a member of the University of Kentucky football staff?

Maybe if Earnhardt and Reimann ever do decide to tie the knot, they’ll get the cover of Vogue. Better yet, they could have a baby and name it South East. What a coincidence that would be, as NASCAR got its start in the Southeast.

I have to admit that story peaked my interest as a lifelong Kentucky resident and UK fan (although basketball is more my sport of choice when it comes to collegiate athletics). I couldn’t help it; the story had NASCAR and University of Kentucky connections. How could I resist? I’m not going to speculate as to whether or not that story has any truth to it.

But I will leave you with this other little gem from this most recent Enquirer article on NASCAR’s favorite couple (sorry Danica and Ricky):

“The couple kept their relationship quiet until Dale told a reporter that he had no intention of getting married. Furious, Amy slapped him with an ultimatum to acknowledge their romance or it was over!”

I admit, when I first read over this story before writing this blog, I was reading rather quickly and thought she physically slapped him. I had to read it again.

I guess Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. aren’t interesting enough for the Enquirer. Maybe the folks at the Enquirer just don’t know who Stenhouse is. After all when that NASCAR couple was seen on the jumbotron at an NCAA Final Four game early last month, Patrick was labeled as a NASCAR driver, while Stenhouse wasn’t even mentioned at all. I guess two-time Nationwide Series champions get not respect, unless they’re named Earnhardt.

I don’t guess the Enquirer knew who Reimann was pre-Earnhardt, either, but then again, dating Earnhardt, apparently, gets the staff interested. Call it the NASCAR George Clooney-effect. There we go, another Kentucky reference (Clooney is a Kentucky native).

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