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Danica Patrick: too much coverage?

I’m pretty sure that not too long ago, as in within the last couple of weeks or so, I remember reading an article about how Danica Patrick isn’t really receiving as much media attention as her detractors claim. There were comparisons made to the TV time she gets in comparison to other drivers on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit and, for the most part, the drivers to which she was compared were mentioned and interviewed on TV more than Danica.

First off, I want to say that I’m not a Danica detractor. I’d like her to do well and hope she does well. But I will say that it does seem that she gets more than her share of mention and attention, despite what the aforementioned article claimed.

Why do I say that? The drivers she was compared to in the article included drivers who regularly run up front and win races. The list even included Jimmie Johnson, who is a five-time Sprint Cup champion and already has a handful of wins this season. Shouldn’t drivers who win more be interviewed more? Of course, the same could also be said for Dale Earnhardt Jr., but this article was about Danica, not Junior, so I’ll focus on her.

Heck, Danica even seems to be getting some coverage that even Danica probably doesn’t want. Whatever the reason, Danica showed up at a track recently for a race weekend in a Ford. What was the big deal? The big deal is that she’s a Chevrolet driver. I’ll chalk this up to being the girlfriend of fellow-Sprint Cup Series rookie Ricky Stenhouse Jr., a Ford driver. I’m sure they probably, at least sometimes, carpool to the track, and if that’s the case, at least one of them is going to be in a car other than what he or she races. Maybe in those cases they should just go with Dodge — not a threat since it no longer competes in the series.

Anyway, it looks as if at least some of the media, specifically FOX, had a field day with this one. After all, that’s how I found out about this faux pas Danica committed. FOX Sports, via its Twitter account, tweeted a photo of Danica caught arriving at the track in, gasp, a Ford.

Okay, so maybe this one is news. After all, it looks as if Danica went against her manufacturer. But it’s not like she’s the only one. Where’s the article about Ford driver Travis Pastrana doing Dodge commercials? Maybe that one’s left alone because Pastrana’s a Nationwide driver, not a Sprint Cup wheel man. But Pastrana’s a pretty popular guy, himself.

The Sporting News was probably correct in its article in saying that Patrick isn’t really the most covered athlete in the sport, but admit it, she’s still getting more coverage than her on-track performance probably warrants. Of course, I guess I’m adding to that coverage here, but I digress.

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