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Darrell Wallace Jr.’s Adderall comment no worse than Denny Hamlin’s

On his “Happy Hours” SiriusXM NASCAR Radio show, 2014 NASCAR premier series champion Kevin Harvick always gives his proverbial two cents on NASCAR current events. Last night’s show was no exception, as one of the topics the driver affectionately known as “Happy” gave his take on was Denny Hamlin’s recent comment in a Barstool Sports interview, implying that 70 percent of NASCAR drivers take Adderall.

According to Harvick on Tuesday evening, most of the drivers in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series garage are mad at Hamlin for claiming nearly three-quarters of them take a drug NASCAR only allows with a prescription.

“Those 70 percent of drivers he referred to are mad because of the fact that you’re the guys sitting in the trailer doing the drug testing 10 or 12 times a year from a random standpoint and understanding the things you can and can’t do,” Harvick said. “Whether he thinks it was an off-the-cuff comment and something he meant to say or not to say, it still offended most everybody in the garage. If you’re going to play around, joking and think it’s not something that everybody is going to take offense to, I think he’s probably seeing that nobody really appreciated it, and it put everybody in a bad spot.”

When Hamlin found himself at least somewhat in hot water with NASCAR over the controversial comment, he claimed he was only kidding when he accused 70 percent of his fellow-drivers of taking Adderall.

Hamlin, though, didn’t think it was a joking matter when Darrell Wallace Jr. suggested Hamlin may need Adderall during a post-race TV interview on FOX after Wallace finished second and Hamlin third in the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

“He might need to take some Adderall for that one,” Wallace said.

Wallace’s comment resulted in a Hamlin Twitter rant on Tuesday.

“Let me clue the idiots on Twitter what I was pissed off about. I had no issue with how the race ended. I was minding my own business on the bottom of the track and out of the blue I get ran into, my tire blown, and perfectly straight car destroyed. I’m good with all that,” Hamlin (@DennyHamlin) tweeted.
“Then, I go do media and everything is fine. Then the last question is what was my response to what Bubba (Wallace) said. I had no issue until not only did he place blame on me but then went on to make personal comments about myself. I left the media center and saw Bubba 30 secs later.

“Anyone who wouldn’t take offense to the stupid things that was said has absolutely no backbone. I have one.”

So, let me get this straight; it’s okay for Hamlin, jokingly or not, to accuse 70 percent of his fellow-competitors of taking Adderall, but it’s not okay for Wallace to suggest Hamlin may need the drug? What’s the difference between the two occurrences, other than Hamlin was dishing it out in the first scenario but seemingly unable to take it in the second?

Seems to me that Hamlin needs to acknowledge his comment to Barstool Sports was in bad taste and wasn’t funny or take a chill pill and get over Wallace’s comments, or maybe, both. I’m sure we’ve all been told sometime in our lives that we shouldn’t dish it out if we can’t take it. Maybe nobody’s ever given Hamlin that piece of advice.

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