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Did Jack Roush really do anything wrong?

It’s been almost a week since that infamous announcement came from longtime NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team owner Jack Roush that indirectly announced that Carl Edwards, as already speculated, would be leaving Roush Fenway Racing at season’s end. To be exact, it’s been six days (as of Saturday).

In that almost-week, Roush has been slammed for catching Edwards and his speculated soon-to-be-boss Joe Gibbs off guard by going ahead and announcing the 2015 Roush Fenway Sprint Cup driver line-up that doesn’t include Edwards. Edwards has come out and said that he already has a plan in place for next year but he’s just not ready to announce what that plan is, while the folks at Joe Gibbs Racing respond to questions about the JGR-Edwards relationship with very vague answers.

In the meantime, Roush has been called unprofessional by making his announcement when he did. He’s also been accused of making his announcement to get back at Edwards for leaving his team, strong-arming Edwards and JGR into speaking on the matter of their alleged, planned partnership for next year.

Say what you want, but Roush only spoke of his own team. Sure, the announcement produces a domino effect, so-to-speak, bringing up the conversation of Edwards’ future and where that future takes him. But, again, Roush’s announcement was about his team, and doesn’t he have the right to make announcements about his team whenever he sees fit? Common courtesy aside, that’s just the way it is.

It’s not like this is the first time this kind of thing has happened. Heck, it’s not even the only time this has happened recently. Last year, didn’t Richard Childress let the whole Kevin Harvick/Stewart-Haas Racing cat out of the bag before Harvick and SHR co-owner Tony Stewart made their official announcement? Yes, he certainly did. As a matter-of-fact, here’s Chilress’ exact quote:

“We had a meeting (last year) and he told me his plans, and we discussed what we were going to do in ’13

and he will do well over there at Stewart-Haas and RCR will keep going and we will keep moving forward.”

Childress made that statement in January of 2013, well before an announcement came from Harvick or Stewart, or anybody from Stewart-Haas Racing for that matter.

In contrast, Roush didn’t say exactly where Edwards is heading come season’s end. But I don’t remember the court of public opinion coming down so hard on Childress, even though he did state, specifically, where Harvick was heading.

Besides, didn’t everyone decide months ago that Edwards would be leaving RFR for JGR? If not, they at least started talking like it, seeemingly, months ago. So, really, did Roush tell us anything we don’t already think we know?

Give the guy a break, people.

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