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Don’t overreact to a driver dominating a single race

Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600 dominating performance and win by Martin Truex Jr. was a feel-good story, for sure. Even so, it didn’t take away from the fact that the racing in the 2016 edition of NASCAR’s longest race left something to be desired. But aren’t we jumping the gun if that race, alone, has us looking for fixes?
I have to say, the racing through the first 13 points-paying races of 2016 has been a vast improvement over what we saw last year, so kudos to NASCAR for the new low-downforce aero package. It looks to be the answer we were all looking for. And if teams are catching up and getting back some of that downforce taken away, I understand NASCAR making tweaks here and there in attempts to stay ahead of the game, so-to-speak — ahead of teams as they aim to gain back downforce taken away.
But to “go back to the drawing board” because a driver spanked the field in a race? I think that’s a little premature. Let’s not overreact, here.
They can’t all be edge-of-your-seat nail-biters, can they? Of course not. Think for a minute, folks. We’ve had 13 races with one dud. That’s not so bad, is it? Maybe, instead, we just need to give Truex and Furniture Row Racing some credit. They were just that much better than anyone else last weekend. It happens sometimes, folks. They just kinda out-snookered everybody else, so to speak. That doesn’t mean we need to change the game, because in one “game,” one player blew out the competition. It happens in all sports sometimes. NASCAR’s not immune.
For those worried that the sky is falling because a driver led nearly all of a single race, chill. It’s one race. If it the Coke 600 winds up being the start of a string of three or four races, each dominated by a particular driver, not necessarily the same driver in the whole string, then we’ll begin to get concerned and call for a solution.
Until then, sit back and enjoy the show. That’s what I plan on doing. Bring on Pocono. Did I just say that? I admit I used to find Pocono rather boring. Of course, I used to not like NASCAR on road courses, either. But things change, and I’m actually looking forward to Sunday’s race at the “Tricky Triangle.” Here’s to crossing our fingers and hoping the weather is cooperative.
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