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Earnhardt, Sherman disagree on Twitter

The seeds may have been sown for a Twitter feud, so-to-speak, courtesy of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Sherman sent out a tweet on Friday that, apparently, differed from the opinions of a lot of other people. Among those who disagreed with Sherman was none other than NASCAR perennial most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Here’s Sherman’s tweet from Friday:

“I’m more convinced than ever that NO athletes have to be more mentally prepared than football players. Back me up 12’s!” — Richard Sherman (@Richard Sherman_25)

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, and it’s understandable that Sherman would see things the way he does. He is, after all, a football player, so of course he’s probably going to think that football players have to be more prepared mentally than athletes in any other sport.

The same could be said for Earnhardt. He’s a race car driver, so of course it makes sense that he’d feel the same way about race car drivers. Anyway, here was his tweeted response to Sherman’s tweet:

“Sure about that @RSherman_25? 43 racecar drivers at 200mph inches from each other takes it to a whole new level.” — Dale Earnhardt (@DaleJr)

Before I give my opinion, I probably should make a disclaimer. I don’t claim to be a big football fan. I do watch the occasional game. As a result, I’m by no means an expert, but I do know enough to understand what I’m watching when I’m watching. I’m sure Earnhardt, a die-hard Washington Redskins fan, sees a lot more football than I do.

In contrast, I’ve covered NASCAR for more than a decade, at least on a part-time basis. I was also a fan several years prior to that. I guess you could say that I’m probably biased, but I have to agree with Earnhardt, here. And here’s why:

Football players not only have timeouts, time between quarters and a lengthy halftime, but there’s also a little time between plays and plays are generally short. NASCAR drivers, on the other hand, don’t have those downtime luxuries, at least not as often. Okay, so there are sometimes rain delays, but those aren’t the norm. Also, there are cautions, but sometimes those are few and far between. We’re talking close-quarters, high-speed racing inches apart for extended periods of time. Case closed.

For what it’s worth, if anything, Earnhardt’s tweet got slightly more than twice as many retweets and favorites as Sherman’s, despite Sherman having 1.3 million Twitter followers to Earnhardt’s 1 million.

What do you think? Let us know in this online poll. I do realize the results will proabably be biased toward race car drivers, as this is a motorsport blog, not a football or general sports blog. Still, it’ll be fun to see the results.

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