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Earnhardt, Sherman Twitter debate a marketing ploy

It looks like we were duped, folks, by clever marketing. Or at least I was duped, and apparently, other writers were too, judging by some stories I read online recently. Specifically, I’m referring to my recent blog post in this space regarding the mental preparedness of athletes in various sports. It was a debate seemingly started by Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman, with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. chiming in.

In case you missed it, Sherman tweeted that football players had to be more mentally prepared that athletes playing in any other sport. Earnhardt refuted the claim, tweeting about a driver’s competition environment, specifically high speeds in close quarters.

Well, on Tuesday, I received a press release via e-mail regarding the launch of an app called HeadTrainer. The first paragraph of said press release mentioned the Sherman-Earnhardt debate on Twitter. The second paragraph said this:

“The social debate was part of the launch of HeadTrainer, an app featuring a series of ever-changing, mental workouts that take place in fun, challenging, sports-themed digital environments.”

Okay, I feel kind of foolish now. I thought this was a real debate. Heck, not only did I blog about it in this space, I also turned it into a poll question on another site for which I work. Well played marketing people, well played.

Oh well, it was a fun debate, whether it started genuinely or not. Maybe Sherman and Earnhardt did give their honest opinions, even if they were pushing a product. Yes or no, it was a fun topic to ponder.

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