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Formula 1 drivers seek reform to improve sport

Formula 1 drivers have been pushing for reform and are now frustrated and angry that their pleas have been largely ignored by those in charge. The lack of reform will likely have an impact on Formula 1’s online betting if popular drivers decide not to race until their concerns are heard.


Jenson Button, one of the key players behind the letter that was sent to the Grand Prix Drivers Association asking the organization to restructure its governance said on Friday that the comments made in the letter were correct and made in the right manner. He added that it was up to the people in charge to respond to the letter in the right manner so they can improve the sport and make it better than it currently is. But he hasn’t seen any of that.


Two weeks ago, at a race in Bahrain, Formula 1’s chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, responded to the letter written by the drivers. Ecclestone said the drivers shouldn’t be allowed to talk, that they should just get into the car and drive.


Jean Todt, the president of Formula 1’s governing body (FIA), said he didn’t think drivers were capable of understanding how the sport is governed.


According to the drivers, the letter was written because they feel there is a lack of direction in the sport. The drivers pointed to the new qualifying rules that were implemented before the season started in Melbourne, and have already been scrapped heading into Sunday’s race.


Button told reporters that the drivers love racing, and want Formula 1 to be at the top of motor sports. Button added that he and the other drivers were speaking from an emotional point of view and not a business sense of view.


According to Button, the drivers have no ulterior motive, they just want to race in the best cars and make the sport better. Button admitted that the drivers aren’t the right people to make decisions about what happens in the sport, but they feel they have ideas that can help make the sport better.


Button also told reporters that about 90 percent of the fans feel the same way the drivers do, and the fans are worth listening to. He said the people who are in charge of the sport need to listen to people who love the sport and not just think about business all the time.


When asked if he thinks changes will be made, Button said he didn’t know. He added that there has been a lot of interest in what the drivers said, but the response from the governing body wasn’t what they expected. Despite their disappointment at the response, Button said the drivers were still willing to discuss the issues with the governing body and try to improve the sport.


Nico Rosberg, who is one of the most experienced and articulate Formula 1 drivers, told reporters that drivers are just trying to support Formula 1 with their opinions, and give the sport a little bit of direction. Rosberg also said that despite what Ecclestone and Todt said, the drivers know best because they are in the cars and have a good understanding of what people watching at home are looking at.

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