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Gear up for the start of the Monster Energy Cup Series 2018

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The betting odds are finally out for the long-awaited Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and Martin Truex Jr. is still the top choice to win this year’s hottest American racing competition.

The season kicks off on February 11th with the Advance Auto Parts Clash and continues on the 15th with the Can-Am Duels 1 & 2. Returning champion Truex Jr. is unsurprisingly heading the preferences of NASCAR fans after a very emotional win that saw well-established contenders like Kyle Busch and Joey Logano lag behind New Jersey’s picked 2017 Sportsperson of the year.

As ever before, speed aficionados can rely on sports betting guru to provide them with the latest odds for this exciting new season. They’ve gifted us with the most recent Odds to Win rundown for the Monster Energy Cup Series and we shall take a closer look at the leading competitors:

Martin Truex Jr. (Odds to Win +350)

After several years of hits and misses in the motor racing turf, the New Jersey natural Martin Truex Jr. finally tasted the sweet vines of victory, joined by his long-standing and very supportive girlfriend Sherry Pollex. The win came over a long and heavy-handed Ford EcoBoost 400 race before other household names like Kevin Harvick, Brad Keselowski and usual favorite Kyle Busch. Betting professionals now view Truex Jr. in a much more positive light and have unanimously voted him as the best prospect to take this year’s edition as well.

Kyle Busch (Odds to Win +400)

Joe Gibbs team star race Kyle Busch wasted no time during the press coverage of last year’s NASCAR Cup Series’ final to point out the several factors that lead to him having to settle for the second spot, by claiming that a sequence of unfortunate events (that included a time consuming mano-a-mano duel with Joey Logano) ultimately ruined his chances and landed him with the complementary prize. Nonetheless, Busch cannot be underestimated and will give his all to make amends for last year’s mistakes.

Kyle Larson (Odds to Win +500)

While Kyle Miyata Larson ended up with the 8th spot -in points- of 2017’s Cup Series rankings, he continues to enjoy a high regard from the motor fan circuit thanks to his resilience and overall good performances. He’s endured crashes and other several mishaps that ultimately stalled his overall figures, however, he can be counted on to provide us with a fantastic show in the races to come.

Kevin Harvick (Odds to Win +500)

California native and recent happy father Kevin Harvick is no longer a rookie, and he now possesses the necessary track experience to become a top performer during this year’s Cur Series run. The winner of Sprint Cup and Xfinity series championships finished 3rd in the overall rankings during 2017 but is expected to shine and overcome any difficulties on his path.

Check out the complete list for Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Odds to Win at and win BIG on this upcoming motor racing season.

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