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Get a grip: NASCAR Super Bowl ad was just that, an ad

Although I’m a 21st century female, I’ve never really been all that politically correct, and therefore, I don’t usually get myself all worked up over non-PC comments, movies, TV shows, commercials, etc.

Maybe my fairly easygoing attitude when it comes to non-political correctness is what kept me from getting all worked up over the NASCAR commercial that aired on NBC at the end of Sunday’s Super Bowl. While I simply found it amusing, others, apparently, got all worked up over it.

Internet company, GoDaddy, caught heat for its would-be Super Bowl ad, with critics of the spot crying “foul” with the claim that the commercial promoted a puppy mill business model. GoDaddy, right or wrong, caved to the pressure and pulled the ad.

I didn’t realize this beforehand, but come to find out, there was a faction of folks who urged NBC to pull the NASCAR commercial. It seems like this NASCAR ad pissed off all kinds of people. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration; it pissed off portions of at least two groups of people: some NASCAR fans and some gluten-free people. If there are many gluten-free NASCAR fans out there, I can only imagine how big of a bunch their panties got wadded into (insert obligatory apology to those offended by my previous statement, here).

This commercial referred to people living gluten-free, either by choice or necessity, as being soft and implied that NASCAR fans, competitors, etc., were silly redneck baffoons. So what if it did? Is that really a big deal?

Can we no longer laugh at ourselves? Maybe by getting all worked up over this commercial, those offended proved the soft premise. There are, definitely, lines that shouldn’t be crossed, but is this, really, where those lines have been drawn nowadays?

It’s a commercial, people! Maybe we need to pull up our big girl/big boy panties and move on.

Oh, and if you have those big girl/big boy panties on, you can watch the commercial, here.

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