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Is Teresa Earnhardt trying to rewrite Earnhardt history to begin in 1982?

What’s in a name? When that name is Earnhardt, apparently a lot. Or at least Teresa Earnhardt thinks so, so much so that she doesn’t want the oldest child of her late husband, Dale Earnhardt, using it.
That’s right, poor Kerry Earnhardt shouldn’t be able to use his own last name to support one of his own business ventures, at least the way step-mother Teresa sees it. Sure, as the son of Dale and first wife, Kerry was adopted by Latane’s second husband as a young child and carried that name well into his teen years. But Kerry eventually reconnected with his biological father and took on the Earnhardt name. That was probably more than 25 years ago, so for over a quarter of a century, Kerry’s been an Earnhardt. That’s after being born an Earnhardt, the biological son of the late seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup champion and NASCAR Hall of Famer, Dale Earnhardt.
Even that, though, is beside the point. Kerry and his wife Rene, married last name Earnhardt, have a business venture that includes designing a line of homes for home builder Schumacher Homes under the name “Earnhardt Collection.” A line of homes designed by a couple with the last name of Earnhardt, so the name “Earnhardt Collection” seems perfectly logical to me. What other name are they supposed to use? Somebody else’s name? Other people name businesses after themselves. Should Kerry Earnhardt be denied that right, just because that last name happens to be Earnhardt. I guess Teresa Earnhardt thinks so. It’s not like he’s trying to call his business the “Dale Earnhardt Collection.”
Teresa’s, apparently, already lost this fight once, because her recent complaint against Kerry, Rene and their “Earnhardt Collection” is an appeal in a patent court. She’s claiming that folks may get confused, tying this line of homes to her late husband. Really?!?
Hate to break it to you, lady, but your late husband has been deceased for more than 15 years! I realize that may sound harsh, but maybe that’s what is needed to get through to this woman. Anyway, I really doubt anyone with any shred of sanity that Dale Earnhardt is designing homes from the grave. That’s just my guess. Besides, another one of Earnhardt’s kids from another marriage, Kelley Earnhardt-Miller, says that there’s been no issue of confusion tying Kerry and Rene’s business to Dale Earnhardt Jr., NASCAR’s still-living, most popular driver. If such confusion existed, I’m sure she’d know, since she handles most, if not all, of Dale Jr.’s business affairs.
With Dale Earnhardt deceased, and therefore, unable to demand inclusion of his children from his first two marriages in his life, is Teresa trying to pretend that there was no Dale Earnhardt before her, including the children he already had when he met her? This lady has claimed since her husband’s death to be dedicated to preserving and protecting the memory of her late husband. Maybe she meant revisionist history — an edited history that began in 1982 when she married him, his past before her be damned. This all kind of makes me wonder. Would Taylor Earnhardt (Dale Earnhardt’s daughter with Teresa) be allowed to start a business donning the Earnhardt name?
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