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Kurt Busch, Patricia Driscoll hearing a head-scratcher

Speeding For A Cure: Autism Speaks Teams Up With NASCARI’ve tried to stay, at least somewhat, away from the whole Kurt Busch/Patricia Driscoll thing. And unless you’ve been living under some kind of rock lately, I’m pretty much positive that you know what thing I’m talking about it, so I won’t go into great detail giving the backstory here.

Yes, I did write an opinion piece, of sorts, that I posted here about the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” regarding whether or not NASCAR should or should not suspend Busch at this point in time. I’ve also written a couple or so more newsy pieces giving a play-by-play of sorts of what’s been going on with the story, but I wouldn’t say I’ve dwelled on it by any means.

But this whole thing has turned into a circus, and that’s putting things lightly. Me and, apparently, a lot of others are scratching our heads as the ongoing hearing relating to Driscoll’s request for a no-contact order is getting all kinds of, shall I say, cray-cray.

First head scratcher for me is the amount of time this hearing has taken. I keep hearing this no-contact order described as a protective order or a restraining order. Wouldn’t someone needing protection from someone else need one of those in a more timely manner? This incident happened back in Sept. 2014. The hearing for the order didn’t start until December. There were two days of testimony then. That was followed by a lengthy holiday break before testimony resumed for day three on Jan. 12. Testimony finally concluded yesterday (Jan. 13), but there’s no conclusion to this thing yet. A decision isn’t expected for up to a couple of weeks. And here’s another kicker — that puts an announcement of the decision coinciding with NASCAR’s upcoming Media Tour. Isn’t that a kicker?

But here’s where things get really weird — according to some testimony, maybe Busch needs some kind of protective order, not Driscoll. After all, this lady is some kind of trained assassin. Yep, you read that right. Driscoll, if you believe the testimony of Busch and others, is a trained assassin for the U.S. Government.

According to Busch’s testimony, he was pretty much afraid of her. After all, she, reportedly, showed him photos on her phone of guys with bullets in their heads. Bullets that she, supposedly, put in said guys heads. He also mentioned her returning during the night to a hotel room they shared, wearing an overcoat over a blood-stained evening gown, claiming to be returning from some covert mission.

Driscoll claimed that it’s all a figment of Busch’s imagination, so to speak, that he got all this from a movie script she was working on, but to back up Busch’s testimony, others testified that Driscoll had told them about her work as an assassin and some of her covert missions.

With this whole assassin deal, the fact that the witness Driscoll claimed saw her injuries testified that he didn’t see any injuries immediately following the alleged incident kind of gets lost in the details, doesn’t it? Here’s another tidbit — there was also testimony this week from someone who claims to have heard Driscoll say that she was going to destroy Busch.

I’m not saying I believe Busch, nor am I saying that I believe Driscoll, but if this whole assassin story is true, maybe Driscoll could team up with O.J. Simpson to help him find the “real killer.” Those of you old enough to remember the mid-90s know what I’m talking about.

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