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MOAR SpongeBob sponsorships, please! Kthxbai


NASCAR has to focus on the up-and-coming generation of potential fans.

SpongeBob SquarePants hosting the race day festivities is an awesome way to get some younger fans hooked into the sport. A lot of us grew up watching NASCAR racing as a pasttime, especially in the South, almost religiously. As I have gotten ollder, I have found that not everyone is even aware of when a NASCAR race is happening. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose, but this turns into a serious issue if more and more people are not getting interested in the sport, as a whole.

What do you do when the pool of fans passionate about racing starts fading away as they get busy with the responsibilities that go along with aging?

Obviously, the new technique is to catch them younger and younger, and I think it will prove to be incredibly beneficial to NASCAR as a community.

Very seldom do I agree with an initiative that the upper-echelon of NASCAR puts out, but in this case, I am inclined to fully support the way they are marketing through a very popular animated series.

SpongeBob became popular a bit after my only television watching was on Nickelodeon; however, I am still dying to get my hands on some SpongeBob-themed Kansas Speedway merchandise, mainly because it is a really neat partnership and I would want to support that anyway that I can. I can also assure you that I would be willing and ready to wear my “SpongeBob SquarePants” t-shirts way more than the ones with “Insert Sandwich Shop 500” all over them.

I am a sucker for “The Simpsons” and it has never once been lost on me when NASCAR partners with my favorite cartoon family. It has also been mutually beneficial. Jeff Gordon has even been animated into the series, so if all those wins didn’t ensure his legendary status, now he is also a cartoon. That is immortality incarnate.

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