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NASCAR aiming for younger demographic audience


The recent Supreme Court judgment scrapping the Professional and Armature Sports Protection Act OF 1992 empowers states to legalize sports betting. Every state, including Nevada, can formulate their betting legal framework. Nevada authorizes sport betting on NASCAR; the current judgment is expected to increase the number of states to follow Nevada’s footsteps. But revenue generated from NASCAR in Nevada falls below the profit made by the state controlled gaming board of the state. The exchequer from football betting is around$76.9 million, from horse racing $42.4 million, baseball wagering $36.8 million, and basketball $76.9 million in 2017.

The NASCAR would be segmented in the “other” category that consists of boxing, soccer, tennis and golf featuring a profit of $32.3 million in 2017.


To seek more attention from bettors, NASCAR is teaming up with BetMGM. The licensed online betting company will be the authorized agent for the most significant stock car racing in the US. In an undisclosed deal, the two firms agreed that BetMGM would promote the car racing on social media, online platforms and land based outlets. Subsequently, the stock car firm will promote the sportsbook operator on its website, mobile app. and social media platforms. Currently, BetMGM is authorized to operate in seven US states for sports betting and expected to get accredited from other states in 2021. Investment on BetMGM is also expected to increase from $200 million to $450 million.

Extensive bet market

NASCARis gearing up the betting variety to allure younger demographic wagers. The company is taking the initiative to make car racing more popular, to give a worthy challenge to basketball, baseball, and football in terms of revenue and volume. A wider variety of bets can improve the odds and enthusiasm of bettors. The pre play and live bets on mobile apps will increase the portfolios of wagering market. It is most likely that the winner driver gets a 30to 40% of the total betting figure. Certain twists and turns in top finishing driver, stage winners, and driver matchups (wagering on the specific driver will surpass another) can spice up the betting market.

NASCAR will not penalize the wager

There is little chance of a fix up in the race, where thirty-eight drivers are competing against each other. Even if NASCAR penalizes the winning driver for fraudulent means, the wager who put his hard earned money on the driver will get his rightful share. Due precaution is taken; a NASCAR fan does not spend his hard-earned cash in compulsive gambling, as he is already spending time watching the race. Fans should be careful, vigilant to put their real money on bets. Wagering brings some fun, excitement in the racing, but not means to earn a livelihood.  

Online betting

There are many licensed, trustworthy sports betting websites like; maxbet to bet on NASCAR, and other motor racing. Many offer generous bonuses for first signups, as each sport betting websites offer slightly different NASCAR odds; it is judicious to do some research to pick the right one.

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