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NASCAR: Bristol promises unpredictability as drivers vie for playoff spots

Photo courtesy of Getty Images for NASCAR

Photo courtesy of Getty Images for NASCAR

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Thirteen drivers have acquired the necessary regular-season wins to qualify for the postseason. That leaves three playoff spots and four drivers who are likely to win them. Online sports betting on NASCAR races is about to get even more exciting.

Even with the sixty points available per race, it is not lost on many of the winless drivers left that they cannot afford to lose. The Bristol Race is going to be very unpredictable, and not just because liquid resin will be applied to the bottom groove. Of course, the liquid resin matters, especially if track officials succeed in making the bottom groove better than the high line.

Of the drivers looking to snag a win, many a NASCAR enthusiast will be watching Chase Elliott. Chase cannot ignore the fact that they are one of the few spots of non-winners left. And even though Chase has a 62-point lead on the first drive out, that won’t make him any more comfortable when he starts.

Chase Elliott looked unstoppable once upon a time. After all, he managed to garner runner-up finishes on three consecutive occasions. But after leading 182 laps this year, he ended up in eighth place last week. It was a somewhat disappointing result.

But Elliott looks to have bounced back. Confidence is an essential component of success in NASCAR and Elliott seems to be in a good place mentally. He might be at fault for some of his recent failures but Elliott is ready to move forward.

Things are a little different for Jamie McMurray. Despite having a 52-point lead on Bowyer and despite being in the top 13, Jamie is yet to win a stage in 2017. Jamie is the furthest thing from comfortable right now, and he won’t be comfortable until he snags a more secure position.

But Jamie, like Elliott, is hopeful. Sure, he doesn’t exactly feel amazing about his playoff position and eighth place in standings, but they are running better at every track. Jamie will be starting at 11th.

Matt Kenseth probably lacks the mental strength that Jamie and Elliott are boasting these days. After all, he had a chance to snag a top-5 finish. But then things went sideways on the final restart at Michigan, leaving Matt with a 24th finish.

Matt would have been better off performing poorly throughout all the laps and earning his 24th finish. Instead, Matt was pretty great, so one can only guess the anguish he felt when a flat tire ruined his final lap. All his hard work and all his points basically washed away and he couldn’t do much about it. Matt has always played to win. But he will be fighting even harder at Bristol. He’s desperate for that win and one assumes that such intense drive might give him the victory.

Clint Bowyer doesn’t even understand why he hasn’t made it into the top echelon. He seems to believe that he has maintained the right amount of consistency. His car has been great throughout. Clint has suggested that the Resin wearing off might have had something to do with his lackluster delivery.

No one is looking at Joey Logano at the moment, even though finishing second each week and benefiting from a disastrous performance by three of his competitors might see him take the victory. But there’s probably someone out there rooting for him.

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