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NASCAR charter system affects race purses


NASCAR’s new charter system of team ownership in the Sprint Cup Series has far-reaching effects, with additional details of the complete model becoming available, seemingly, by the day.

Apparently, the charter system is affecting race payouts, so much so that race purses and winnings are no longer going to be published for Sprint Cup Series races. Such stats will continue to be made public for races in NASCAR’s other two national series — Xfinity and Camping World Truck. Those two series haven’t gone to the charter system.

“Whether you divide it and say it’s a little bit of this, little bit of that and publish it on Monday, we don’t think it’s value-added because it’s not like golf,” NASCAR COO Brent Dewar said. “Golf publishes that. We don’t publish at the end of the NBA score that LeBron made $4 million for free throws. It’s not contemporary. Our fans get change.”

According to a report from NBC Sports, under the new system, NASCAR has guaranteed revenues set aside for the 36 teams that received charters, and as a result of the charters, are also guaranteed starting spots for each race. The guarantees are based on teams entering every race and their performance over the last three seasons. In addition to the guarantees, teams will compete for money from a points fund and additional funds based completely on finishing positions. Previous purses were at least partially based on contingency plans, but now, that portion of guaranteed funds is based solely on a given team’s finishing spot in a race.

Meanwhile, “open” teams, the term given to teams without charters, will race for a “variable” result-based purse, in addition to the “fixed” purse based on race finishing spots, as mentioned above for the charter teams. But the “fixed purse funds will be smaller for “open” teams.

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