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NASCAR drivers have fond memories of Robin Williams

Unfortunately, we turn our attention from one tragic death to another, as news spread Monday evening of the death of comedy legend, dare I say institution, Robin Williams. If we’re sharing favorite Robin Williams moments, I’ll say that watching Mork & Mindy as a kid is one of mine. It was my favorite show at the time. Heck, I even went trick-or-treating as Mork for Halloween one year. It was one of those cheap plastic costumes you wore over your clothes with the plastic mask held on your head with a rubber band. Now that I think about it, when doors opened, maybe I should’ve responded with “Nanu, Nanu” instead of “trick or treat.” Oh well, that opportunity has passed, but the memories of Williams, his TV appearances and movies will not.

I noticed that compiled a couple of lists of tweets — one, specifically, from the NASCAR community and one from the broader motorsports community — regarding Williams’ passing, how he’ll be missed and favorite Williams moments. I admiat, it’s kind of nice to see that Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares a similar childhood memory. Anyway, I thought I’d compile an additional list of tweets. Here it goes:

“listening to #RobinWilliams interviews, I totally know how he feels as sometimes I feel the same, you make ppl laugh as inside u cry” — Max Papis (@maxpapis)

“really sad to hear of Robin Williams he seemed like a really special man RIP” — Max Papis

“So powerful RT @KempKeepnItReal Robin Williams last gift : don’t underestimate the power of depression and mental illness” — Brendan Gaughan (@brendan62)

“‘You’re only given a little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it.’ – Robin Williams #RIP” — Paulie Harraka (@paulieharraka)

“Terrible hearing about Robin Williams, I have so many great memories of his movies from when I was little. One of my favorites. #ripRW” — Chase Elliott (@chaseelliott)

“Sad to hear the news about Robin Williams death. Enjoyed many of his movies as a kid. RIP.” — Regan Smith (@ReganSmith)

“Sad to hear about Robin Williams. Brings light to the fact that you can’t be sure what tomorrow holds, and Everyone has their struggles.” — Aric Amirola (@aric_almirola)

“Really sad news on Robin Williams passing away. Mrs. Doubtfire still 1 of my favorite movies of all time.” — David Ragan (@DavidRagan)

“I remember Mork & Minday as a kid. Was a fan. #NanuNanu What an amazing talent.” — Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr)

“I am COMPLETELY SHOCKED an bothered by the death of Robin Williams, I Loved Robin, He taught me #ExcessiveHappiness” — Kenny Wallace (@Kenny_Wallace)

“Damn. Can’t believe it. RIP #robinwilliams” — David Stremme (@DavidStremme)

Rest in peace, Robin Williams. You’ll definitely be missed.

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