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NASCAR drivers whining about being ‘raced too hard’ becoming really annoying

KANNAPOLIS, NC – NOVEMBER 08: Aric Almirola poses for a photo opportunity with the #10 Smithfield Ford during a press conference at Stewart-Haas Racing on November 8, 2017 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Stewart-Haas Racing introduced Almirola as their driver of the #10 Smithfield Ford for the 2018 season. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Stewart-Haas Racing via Getty Images)

Another NASCAR playoff race, another driver pissed off at Joey Logano. Logano caught the ire of reigning Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion Martin Truex Jr. as a result of contact en route to a win at Kansas Speedway on Oct. 28. At Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday, Aric Almirola cot ticked at Logano for racing him too hard as the two raced for position late in the AAA Texas 500. No contact was involved. Logano was third at the finish and Almirola eighth.

When Almirola expressed his displeasure with Logano after the Texas race, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I thought, “Okay, Almirola thinks Logano got by him with contact.”

This is exactly what Almirola said after the race: “We were a third place car and that restart there where we finally were in position we fought all day from the back and started at the tail and worked diligently all day to get up to the front and finally got ourselves in position to at least have a shot and race with those guys. The 22 (Logano) just went down in turn three and put it right on my door and about wrecked us both. I am not sure. I will have to talk to him. He just continues to make things harder on himself. If that is the way he wants to race me when he is already locked into Homestead and we are out here fighting for our lives, that is fine. When Homestead comes around if I am not in, he will know it.”

Almirola was interviewed on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on Tuesday. Instead of just acknowledging he made a mistake and Logano didn’t make contact, he said the media construed what he said and he though Logano should’ve cut him a break since Logano already has clinched a birth in the championship four at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

As far as the media misconstruing what he said, his exact was quote was just shown on TV and published in print. The quote above is exactly what he said. I just added Logano’s name in parenthesis to clarify to those who may not know that Logano’s car number is 22.

For me, though, the real rub is the notion that Logano should’ve cut him a break, because he’s already locked into the championship finale. Really?!? Drivers already locked in should strop trying to win races?1? If that’s the case, why should Logano have even been in the race. After all, he’s already locked in for Homestead? Okay, there’s that pesky NASCAR rule that to be championship-eligible, drivers have to attempt to qualify for each race. Then, why not start and park? I guess that would, then, violate NASCAR’s 100 percent rule, or whatever you want to call it. But why have those rules? Logano’s clinched his berth for Homestead; NASCAR should just let him sit on the sidelines until then (Intense sarcasm intended). After all, he’s not supposed to race his fellow-competitors hard for the win, at least not according to Almriola. Logano’s just supposed to ride around until Homestead (more sarcasm).

Insert palm to head emoji, here.

I’m not picking on Almirola, here. He’s just the latest guilty party of one of my NASCAR-related pet peeves. Several drivers over the last several years have complained about other drivers racing them too hard —the driver X had a faster car, so driver Y should’ve just let him go mentality. Multiple Cup Series drivers dipping down into the NASCAR Xfinity Series and then complaining when the Xfinity regulars race them “too hard. To them, I say, “Hey, buddy, don’t want to have to race against Xfinity Series regulars? Don’t enter Xfinity Series races.”

If drivers in slower cars are supposed to just pull over and let drivers and faster cars go on by, why even have the race? If having the fastest car is all that matters, don’t we find out who has the fastest car in qualifying? Why don’t they just load up the cars and go home after qualifying?

Get my point?

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