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NASCAR enters Daily Fantasy Sports partnership


News coming from NASCAR involving a partnership with DraftKings, a company which host daily fantasy sports leagues, has the fantasy sports site receiving exclusive rights to create NASCAR fantasy games for the website. The trend of partnering with a fantasy specific company is working its way through the major sport leagues and has proven to be a successful business maneuver with gaining popularity of the particular sport and from a financial aspect.

At first take, a professional sports league involving itself with a gambling company could be considered as an integrity-challenged nightmare, but a federal law has distinguished the difference between sport fantasy participation and gambling on the grounds that playing a fantasy style game requires skill to be successful.

As the interest in this type of fantasy game revolving around a certain sport grows, NASCAR’s decision to team with DraftKings is a proactive one that continues to be an example of growth and dedication to the future of the sport. Casual fans or individuals not familiar with the sport may become more active in following NASCAR or be introduced to the excitement of stock car racing.

As other major sports have reiterated, this affiliation is only considered because of it being within the law. Certain disapproval of the partnership is expected, but not following the current sport-business trend may have been more damning in the long term.

As fast-forward thinking as NASCAR always portrays itself, if this relationship deems detrimental to the integrity of the association, the same type of quick reaction would be to not extend the partnership.

For NASCAR, and most sports, fantasy leagues are a fun way to enjoy, follow and be more entertained by an already exciting sport. The reservations that could come from the partnership should be met with the understanding of the current legal decision and the opportunity for the growth of NASCAR.

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