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NASCAR news as changes being made following driver criticism


We continue to see a remarkable period of time for sport and the general public in general. With restrictions being enforced upon our lives, it has led to many areas of sport and online entertainment see great success, such as those available here. These platforms have continued to see an increase in the numbers of players, and this is also similar to what we have seen with sport since it returned last year, with NASCAR being a prime example of this.

NASCAR has been proving very popular and since the restart as continued to make the news, with some more recent coming through criticism from drivers after a recent race at the Daytona International Speedway road course. This has now led to changes being made to the backstretch chicane, which caused a number of issues in this recent race.

Drivers were taking place on the road course and were complaining about the dirt and grass, that was being pulled onto the track, when the cars were putting that corner on the backstretch chicane, resulting in issues arising. Following what happened and ahead of the upcoming three national series races this weekend. NASCAR are now making changes and are set to add rumble strips in from of these turtle curbing on turns 9 and turn 10 chicanes. This is all looking to therefore deter the corner cutting that is taking place and ultimately from the debris being pulled onto the circuit. Those rumble strips are also the same ones that are already being used on the front stretch chicane, so it is something the drivers will be used to.

Following that recent race over the weekend, it led to a number of the key series drivers asking for the problems to be addressed right away. Driver Martin Truex Jr. was one of them and said after the race, “What happens is you get behind somebody real close, and you go in there and you can’t see where you are going, so if they get into the mud, you follow them and if there is four cars in line, everybody’s trying to cut the chicane a little tighter, a little tighter and it just blows mud everywhere”. He then went onto add, “We’ve got to figure that out a little bit, but outside of that – the track is a blast.”

Chase Elliott was also another driver to comment, with his team. They said, “It looked like a good fix to me in short order,” said Elliott’s crew chief, Alan Gustafson. He then added “Should be good. I don’t really have any issues with guys straightening that bus stop. That’s their job. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Just the dirt was a problem.”

It will now be interesting to see whether these changes prove to be a success this weekend.

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