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NASCAR Notes: The Term Lame Duck Just Doesn’t Seem To Apply Here

 In November of last year, the word leaked out to the racing media that NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Kevin Harvick was leaving his long tenure with Richard Childress Racing, (RCR), a business arrangement that dates back to the 2001` season. The same rumor said Harvick was in the process of negotiating a contract to drive for Stewart Haas Racing that would begin with the 2014 racing season.
In late January of this year, Richard Childress officially confirmed the rumor and made it very clear that he, Harvick and the team had made a commitment to approach the 2013 season in a business as usual fashion. They dedicated themselves to chasing checkered flags and, more importantly, they were committed to make the necessary moves towards winning this year’s Chase For The Sprint Cup.
The ink was barely dry on the Childress press release before Harvick was referred to as a “lame duck driver”. Additionally, Childress and his #29 CUP organization were referred to as a “lame duck team.”
The term “lame duck” is a rather interesting term according “Phrases Dot Org”, a website that presents the meaning and history of words used in our day to day lives. According to the website, the meaning of the term is: “A person or thing that isn’t properly able to function, especially one that was previously proficient.”
Regarding the origin of the term, “Phrases Dot Org” says: “the description of lame duck is often applied to politicians who are known to be in their final term of office, when colleagues and electors look toward a successor. It is also sometimes used to describe office holders who have lost an election but have not yet left office.”
The website goes on the say: “the actual origin of the term was coined in the 18th century. It has nothing to do with politics and is quite specific in its meaning. It came from the London-England Stock Market and referred to investors who were unable to pay their debts.”
Does any of this sound like Kevin Harvick or Richard Childress? Actually, no it doesn’t.
The only means for debating the alleged “lame duck” status of this driver and owner is to simply look at the stats the team has accumulated so far this year:
.In 30 starts, so far in the 2013 NASCAR season, Harvick has three wins, eight top five finishes and 16 top ten finishes.
.The team has an extremely healthy average finish ratio of 12.0.
.The team has earned a little over $5.3 million in prize money so far this season.
.Thanks to his latest win, at the October 6th race in Kansas, Harvick is now third in the Chase standings, 25 points out of first, with a better than good chance of winning the 2013 championship for RCR.
Simply put: “lame ducks” do no accumulate stats like this.

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