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NASCAR teams without charters don’t have as much for which to race

I get that there are special priviledges that go along with having a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team charter. And if there’s going to be a charter system, there should be perks that go along with said charters. If there weren’t any perks to having one, then what would be the point of having them. The charter system was created to give teams added value, but if a charter didn’t bring anything with it, it would be worthless, therefore adding nothing to the team holding it.

I’m fine with the idea of the charter system. It definitely has its good points, but I think maybe it’s a little too far-reaching. I’m fine with the guaranteed starting spots, and I’m fine with charter teams getting bigger pieces of the proverbial pie in terms of TV money, etc.

But a bigger chunk of race purses for the same finishes than non-chartered teams would get for the same race finishes? I can’t go along with that. When it comes to race purse distribution, I think fair as fair, a win should be worth the same, no matter who that winner is. I feel the same for finishing positions the rest of the way through race fields too, from runner-up to 40th-place.

Again, I’m fine with the charter system, for the most part. Heck, I’m in favor with it, to a point. But I think this charter thing went a little too far when it was decided to give chartered teams bigger chunks of purses for the same race finishes, in comparison with non-chartered or “open” teams. Is it really fair for Ryan Blaney and the “open” Wood Brothers Racing team to receive X amount of dollars for a third-place finish at, say, Martinsville (Va.) Speedway, while Chase Elliott and his chartered Hendrick Motorsports team would’ve received a higher amount had it finished third in the same race at Martinsville? I get it that life’s not fair, but, really!?!

Maybe that’s an un-admitted decision NASCAR decided to turn over the new leaf of no longer publishing race purse distribution, beginning in 2016. After all, wouldn’t it be kind of embarrassing to acknowledge “team x” deserves more or less for their fifth-place finish at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway than “team y” would have if they had finished in that same position in the same race? How would that be explained to the casual fan or outsider in a small agate space?

I’m not sure if the purse differential had anything to do with Wood Brothers Racing leaving the Race Team Alliance that negotiated the charter deal with NASCAR. But if it had anything to do with the decision, I kinda don’t blame them.

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