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NASCAR viewership – Could NASCAR expand into another series?

BRISTOL, TENNESSEE – AUGUST 17: Race fans look on during the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway on August 17, 2019 in Bristol, Tennessee. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)


NASCAR has a huge audience, but it’s running into a problem. It’s currently in a spot where it’s losing viewership. That’s a concern for the longevity of NASCAR as a whole. The fan base is stagnant, and it’s thirsting for something new. So where can NASCAR go to expand its influence and revive its viewership?

One thought is to expand into something new. Where can NASCAR expand beyond the indy cars, production cars, and trucks that are already hosted on the oval? Well, one though is a getting into another segment, and SUVs seem to be the next logical place to go.

Why Should SUVs Be the Next NASCAR Product?

SUVs are the perfect candidate for a NASCAR race series. The segment itself is only growing as a whole, and there are tons of different SUVs that are made in the USA. That makes it perfect for a new race series.

There isn’t a segment that doesn’t have a race series, except SUVs. Small cars, touring cars, trucks, and even semi-trucks all have individual race segments with extremely strong fan bases. That means there could be a market for SUVs to enter the race segment. Even better, it’s a chance for an entirely new style of racing to enter the segment.

There is Already a Great Model Available

The best model that racing SUVs could follow would be something like WRC. This grassroots race series combines the excitement of dirt racing with the tight turning action of track racing. Getting the SUVs into a similar action would be a great place to see what these monster can do. That’s especially true for the true SUV segment. Seeing them go around the dirt turns and over the jump would be a great spectacle for the NASCAR fans to get into.

There Are Already Tons of Candidates for Teams

Think about it, every major car manufacturer is making some type of SUV in the American Market. With tons of equipment and space for the family, SUVs are the hot commodity that every family needs to shuttle the family. With so many companies making SUVs in the states, it only makes sense to make a segment for the fans of the SUVs out there. It’s yet another way to expand the ever-growing fan base of racing, and NASCAR is in the perfect position to take advantage. Think about it, if a family can see the SUV racing around a track, they might go for that Acura MDX lease after all. NASCAR showed them it’s still a fun vehicle, and Mom’s can use that as a weapon in convincing Dad that the SUV is the right choice for the family.

Intermittent Racing Could Make Bigger Events

Think about the potential for NASCAR to expand its fan base beyond the ring. It could use this GRC style racing segment to be another tie over between qualifying evens, and it could make that racing weekend even more exciting. To make the even more interesting for a wider audience, NASCAR could use this racing event to attract a new audience to the sport and add to its fan base. Since rally is exciting and dynamic, it could be the perfect pairing with the super technical racing style of NASCAR. The big jumps and dirt slides could be a great way to keep their fans engaged, both in the stadium and on TV. It’s yet another great way to get people involved in racing.

Racing Knows No Bounds

A super out of the box racing event always creates a strong fan base. Just look at the likes of Formula-E or WRC as examples. Both racing series are relatively new, but both are seeing tons of growth as they age. That’s because they offer something different for the viewers. When they are racing in something extremely unique, they are sure to attract new viewers. With the way that racing has been going, high-performance versions of familiar SUVs might be something they want to watch. Its unique angle would make for exciting and dynamic racing, and it could help boost car sales along the way. That good for the economy, especially when the vehicles are made in the USA. These large machines could result in nose to tail racing in Baha style SUV racing monsters on GRC short tracks. That sounds like a lot of fun to watch.

What Should NASCAR Do?

No matter how you look at it, the most popular sport is finding issues with growth. Its loss of viewership could be fixed with slight changes or the addition of a new series, but which way should NASCAR go? There is a lot of opportunities for NASCAR to make a new series, just like it did with the NASCAR Truck Series, but what kind of vehicles should it use.

Do you think adding a new series would fix their issues, or do you think it stems from something else? Share your thoughts about how NASCAR can improvement its viewership in the comments below.

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