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NASCAR would love to have Dr. Jerry Punch back

Sports fans have probably heard of the 100-some layoffs by ESPN. Beloved former NASCAR broadcaster Dr. Jerry Punch was among that 100. Punch is no spring chicken, so to speak, as he turns 64 later this year, so he may not have any desire to travel from track to track week-in and week-out, but if he’s still up for it, I think I speak for at least most of NASCAR Nation when I’d say that we’d be beyond happy to have Dr. Punch back.
Punch has been a beloved NASCAR TV personality over the years, but we’ve missed him the last few years when ESPN declined to continue its NASCAR broadcasting rights and NASCAR returned to NBC, which splits the NASCAR season with FOX, much as it did near the start of the millennium. With ESPN’s departure and the return of NBC, Punch, instead of jumping ship to FOX or NBC, opted to remain loyal to ESPN. In the time since, he’s worked the college football beat and covered other forms of motorsport.
Punch, NASCAR has missed you. It would be completely understandable if you want to take it easy and spend your time around home, either in retirement or diving back into the medical field full-time.
But if you’d like to get back out on the road, NASCAR misses you. I’m sure either FOX or NBC would be happy to have you. If there’s nothing there, maybe you could give MRN or PRN a try. Heck, even if you don’t want to travel, spots here and there on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio would be better than nothing.
I’m not going to suggest any specific talent that should be dumped by any of the aforementioned networks in favor of Punch. I’m not even going to say that I want any of the current crop of broadcasters to get canned. Surely, room can be found for Punch, that is if he wants the gig. And if he wants the gig, I’m sure the fanbase would be happy to have him.
Just sayin’
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