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Need fitness inspiration? Cue Mark Martin

Mark Martin may usually be the oldest driver on the track during any given NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, but that doesn’t mean he’s over the hill. As a matter-of-fact, Martin is probably the fittest driver in the NASCAR garage.

Martin’s devotion to fitness is not secret to fans who follow NASCAR regularly. But, apparently, fans can find out exactly what the 53-year-old driver’s workout regimen is like.

This morning, I was going through my regular routine, sifting through press releases that land in my inbox daily, from post-race summaries and pre-race previews from race teams to sponsor announcements, driver/crew chief changes, etc., and I saw one with a title that peaked my curiosity, “Mark Martin’s Workout: You Can Try It Yourself.”

No, as a writer who is, admittedly, not in optimum shape, I’m not going to rush out and copy Martin’s workout. But I wondered, is he hocking a workout video? What’s this all about?

Come to find out, Martin keeps an online diary of his workouts, specifically his weight lifting. If you want to see it for yourself, it’s at He’s under the name 55markmartin.

“Everyone always asked about my workouts, so I thought it would be kind of fun to start recording them for all to see,” Martin said in the press release. “Weight lifting and nutrition are my passions.”

Apparently, my idea of fun and Martin’s idea of fun are totally different. I have to admit, weight lifting and/or nuturition are nowhere near the top of my list of passions. Maybe that’s why I’m not seven percent body fat. But Martin is.

That passion led Martin to lift a total of 28,000 pounds one morning last week, doing a combination of lifts, some of which this fitness dummy has never heard of. What’s a “behind the head skull crusher?” Sounds more like a WWE wrestling move to me. “Foam rolling,” anyone?

Maybe that ignorance is what’s kept me from burning 20,000 calories recently. What’s so special about 20,000? According to this press release, Martin’s burned more than that since he began this online diary.

Granted, I don’t ever see myself working out at this level, but I think it may have guilt-tripped me into starting that New Year’s Resolution maybe a couple months early. I’m in my 30s and Martin’s in his 50s. Maybe I should just hide my shame in a donut. Okay, that’s definitely not WWMMD (What Would Mark Martin Do), but it’s definitely what Amanda might do.

Maybe Martin’s training for a future career as a weight lifter.

“When I don’t drive race cars anymore, I will compete,” Martin said. “That’s a little bit why I like lifting weights. Every day I go into the gym, I’m competing against myself.”

Personally, I think I’m competing against something called willpower, and no, I don’t mean IndyCar driver Will Power (okay, I couldn’t resist that bad joke).

— Photo courtesy of Getty Images for NASCAR

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