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New lug nut rule a NASCAR safety issue waiting to happen?

NASCAR recently made updates to its 2015 rule book and one change pertains to loose lug nuts. Previously, drivers leaving pit road with at least one loose lug nut were called back to pit road by NASCAR officials to tighten said lug nut(s). That won’t be the case in 2015.

According to the revision, drivers will be allowed to continue racing with the loose lug nut(s), but if the wheel comes off as a result of said loose lug nut(s), there will be a stiff penalty to be paid.

I’m not so sure this is a good idea, safety-wise. My “negative Nancy” mindset sees drivers/teams rolling the dice and chancing that a wheel won’t come off. Then, I see said wheel coming off.

Racing is a dangerous sport, as it is, and I loudly applaud NASCAR for safety innovations over the years. But I’m thinking this new rule is a step backwards.

Wheels have come off during racing action before for reasons other than loose lug nuts. Hey, it happens. But why increase the chances of it happening?

Not to be all gloom-and-doom, but imagine a wheel suddenly coming off a car running mid-pack at Daytona (Fla.) International Speedway or Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway. Not a pretty sight, is it?

I’m all for putting more things in the hands of drivers and race teams, but I’m not so sure putting in their hands the option of running the risk of racing with a loose lug nut or two is such a good idea.

Just my opinion, for whatever it’s worth.

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