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Possible NASCAR spending cap should be all-encompassing

A recent article from SB Nation touched on the topic team budget caps in NASCAR. It’s an idea that’s been discussed and debated by portions of the fan base and in NASCAR-related talk/news show panel discussions. According to the aforementioned referenced article, budget caps won’t hit NASCAR in the next year or two but may not be far down the road, citing conversations SB Nation claims to have had with NASCAR executives, team owners, drivers, etc.

Proponents of budget-cap models have pointed to salary caps in place within professional stick-and-ball sports leagues, while critics of budget caps in NASCAR quickly point out that those stick-and-ball sports teams are franchises, while NASCAR team owners and drivers and independent contractors.

My initial thought when such talks of NASCAR team budget caps began was uncertainty on how such caps would be enforced for independent contractors. The more I think about it, though, why should budget requirements be any different than other NASCAR rules of competition? Also, I wondered how NASCAR could prevent teams from spending additional funds under the proverbial table. Well, how do the stick-and-ball sports leagues do the same when it comes to salary caps for their franchisees? The more I think about the idea of budget caps in NASCAR the more I like it, quite frankly.

One thing mentioned in the SB Nation article that has me scratching my head, though, is that the budget-cap models NASCAR is supposedly considering don’t include salary caps for drivers and high-level team executives. What? Why not? That doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me, considering the popular mantra of NASCAR teams to take the money from areas in which NASCAR makes lower-cost mandates and just spend that money elsewhere. What’s to keep that from happening here? Can’t spend as much on engineering anymore? Fine, we’ll just throw that extra money at the best driver that money can buy, no matter the cost.

How would budget caps that don’t include drivers’ salaries nor the salaries of some other team executives help anything?

Remember when NASCAR attempted to cut teams’ expenses by placing limitations on testing? Teams used that money saved for simulators and seven-post shaker rigs. Money wasn’t saved after all, was it? We still had at least two NASCAR social classes — the haves and the have nots — and maybe another class or two in the middle. I see the same thing happening here. For budget/spending caps to work, don’t they need to be all-encompassing?

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