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Pre-race rant: Talladega Superspeedway


A fast, fun rant to get excited about the race at Talladega Superspeedway this Sunday.

It is nice to see the get-along-gang talking it out after every race. The scuffles were getting to be too much, but we are NASCAR fans and with this week’s race at Talladega, we hope the big one is an argument afterwards in the pits.

As parlors across the country change the color of No. 10 tattoos, a sponsor for Danica Patrick has been rumored be one that Alan Kulwicki fully endorsed. How do you turn green to orange?

The nickname “Smoke” must refer to what occurs when a fire goes out, because Tony Stewart seems faster to bring his car to the garage than Dale Earnhardt Jr. responding, “You’ll have to have to ask him,” when questioned about the contact between the two last week at Richmond. Stewart may need some extra Mobil 1 to help him stretch before a race to come back to form.

One of the new kids will be in the field for Dega. Ryan Blaney will hopefully have the “right stuff” or he may be “hangin’ tough” in the back of the pack.

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend; at least the horses aren’t afraid to race on dirt. Perhaps that’s what Kevin Harvick was hinting to when he said, “I believe that the schedule needs to be mixed up” during the week.

Predictions for the week: Clint Bowyer is in the Peak car, so his stretch without a high finish has peaked and he’ll get a good finish. Someone driving a Tracker Boats car will do well and in the season of Harvick driving the Outback No. 4, he will be out back in front for the win at Dega.

Nothing in this is intended to be taken seriously, be harmful or disrespectful in any way.

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