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Putting off Atlanta Motor Speedway repave would just delay inevitable

Atlanta Motor Speedway was set to begin a repaving project after Sunday’s Fold’s of Honor QuikTrip 500 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series wake, but during the race weekend at the track, several drivers urged track officials to hold off on the repaving. After all, racing is usually much better on an old, worn-out, bumpy track than on a freshly-paved, smooth track. As a result, track officials are considering delaying the AMS repave.
Of course, a lot of fans have been complaining since Sunday’s race that the most recent racing at Atlanta was boring, due at least largely in part to Kevin Harvick’s domination of the race. He led most of the race before a pit-road speeding penalty during a caution inside the final 20 laps.
Whether or not you liked Sunday’s race, aside, aren’t drivers just putting off the inevitable by urging AMS to put off its repave project? Like it or not, repaving an asphalt track is necessary sometimes. And for Atlanta Motor Speedway, that time has, apparently, come.
Worn our surfaces may make for great, exciting racing, Sunday’s race aside, if you were bored by Sunday’s race. But an asphalt surface doesn’t last forever. When tracks begin coming apart and cracks form, creating weepers that prolong track-drying efforts, sometimes even seeming to make them impossible, like it or not, everyone just needs to suck it up and accept the fact that a repave is necessary.
When a track needs to be repaved, it needs to repaved. Sure, maybe the AMS surface could withstand a few more races, but a delay at drivers’ requests is just delaying the inevitable, isn’t it? Atlanta needs a repave, sooner rather than later. So, what would the delay of a season or two accomplish? Sure, competitors could get another race or two in on the old surface if the repave is delayed, but then, what? Then, it’ll be repaved. This repave can’t be delayed forever, after all.
So, why put it off? There’s a saying about procrastination. It goes,”Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” I’m thinking everybody just needs to suck it up and go ahead and get this repave over with. It’s going to have to happen sometime, after all.
Look on the bright side; methods have been developed to keep new paves from having the brand-new-like, smooth surface. Remember the grinding, etc., at Kentucky Speedway? Repave isn’t quite the dirty word it used to be, I don’t think.
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