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Support of top NASCAR drivers at other levels full of hypocrisy

One of the latest NASCAR topics du jour is the idea of some of the sports biggest stars running some local races here and there. Kyle Larson, who runs a lot of dirt sprint car races whenever time permits, has come out and said that drivers in the top tier of NASCAR should run some local racing in an effort to support racing at the grassroots level. Since then, Kevin Harvick has announced that he’ll run a regional K&N Pro Series West race in his home state of California at Sonoma Raceway. For the most part, these two drivers and the idea of Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series drivers racing at the regional and local level have been applauded.
Seems like a lot of the people on the Cup drivers at the local level bandwagon are some of the same folks who get their panties in a wad over Cup drivers in the Xfinity Series, and sometimes in the Camping World Truck Series but not to as large an extent.
Why is one okay, but the other one is isn’t. This hypocrisy helps prove a stance I took here awhile back that it seems like, for the most part, the outcry of Cup drivers in Xfinity being bad simply being a product of fans getting tired of seeing Kyle Busch win so much. After all, the outcry wasn’t so loud when other Cup drivers were winning Xfinity races.
Anyway, back to the subject at hand.
One of the arguments made against Cup drivers in Xfinity borrowed from stick-and-ball sports with an analogy that NBA players don’t go back and play in college basketball games after getting to the NBA. Okay, that’s fine; let’s carry that analogy a step further. Do NBA players go back to play in high school games after making the NBA? Nope.
Then, there’s this: but a local race with a Cup driver in the field may be the only chance fans in that area have to see a Cup driver race in person, so having said Cup driver there will drive up attendance. Well, some fans say they can’t afford to go to a Cup race, or maybe they can’t travel to a Cup race but have an Xfinity race nearby. Maybe I’m mistaken, but aren’t those races better-attended with an Xfinity driver or few in the field? According to some track promoters, they are.
Yes, I realize the possible local/regional races for these Cup drivers will be one-offs; these drivers won’t be beating up on the local guys week-in and week-out. But NASCAR has put limits on Cup drivers in Xfinity and Truck, and some fans still aren’t happy.
That’s not to say that I’m against the Cup Series’ finest racing at the regional, or even local, level. As a matter-of-fact, I’m all for it. But I wasn’t one of those folks against Cup drivers in the Xfinity and/or Truck Series.
Just saying.
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