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The best day in motorsports


Coming up Sunday in the auto racing world is a motorsports fan’s dream with three major series hosting events. This collection of races is scheduled accordingly to enjoy auto racing from the morning till late evening and conveniently takes place the day before a national holiday. The greatest race car drivers in the world will all be participating and on display to showcase their talents in their respective series.

Starting in the early morning, Formula 1 has the Grand Prix of Monaco as a warm-up for the race-a-thon to enjoy with your coffee and set the tone for the rest of the day. Being one of the most popular racing series in the world and the excitement of the amazing run Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are on, the start of raceagedon could possibly challenge for some of the best entertainment on Sunday.

When creating a perfect sandwich, the most appealing ingredient is saved for the middle portion and advertised as so. In this speed grinder, the Verizon IndyCar Series Indianapolis 500 coverage should start almost directly after the post-race from F1 is finishing — a perfect time to get the appetizers out and coordinated for easy access while not missing any racing action before guest start showing up for the watch party. The speeds this year’s cars are reaching at Indianapolis should start to stand alone as a shock-and-awe presentation to go along with the 500-mile race enjoyment.

Then comes the evening where, by now, you have had your fair share of fancy sponsor commercials and witnessed enough milk drinking for a small nursery, so it’s on to the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 from Charlotte Motor Speedway to break loose and see some bumping and rubbing finally. The grill is hot, the beverages open up, and the favorite driver debates start amongst the guests in between the sounds of pop-tops being cracked and hamburgers being eaten. Without an extra prolonged race at Indy, expect NASCAR to at least procrastinate the start of the race, if necessary, to finish watching the Indy 500 themselves, along with the rest of the motorsport world.

As perfect as this one day has been manufactured for race fans, a special name for the day seems an obvious next step for building attention to the motorsports world. Without being blessed with the talent of wit, this name will have to be issued elsewhere, but through the collaboration of these three events, the auto racing community has a day to call their own that offers something for every person and individual interest. Let’s go racing!

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