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Tony Stewart finally warms up to Twitter

I guess Hell has frozen over. It must be true, because Tony Stewart tweeted it on Friday. But I’m not sure which is more surprising, the freeze-over or Stewart tweeting. I’m going with Stewart tweeting.

Stewart joined the social media age and began using the Twitter account @TonyStewart that his Stewart-Haas Racing set up for him a pretty good while ago. This was his first tweet on Friday:

“Ok so here it is. I’m doing my part to combat global warming because now that I’m officially tweeting, hell is freezing over!” @TonyStewart

Side note — I’m sure glad Stewart is on top of that whole global warming thing and committed to doing something about it (sarcasm).

Prior to this year’s Daytona 500 back in February, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was the big hold out when it came to NASCAR drivers on Twitter. But in case you were living under a rock after the Daytona 500 or still erroneously celebrating Jimmie Johnson’s 2014 Daytona 500 win after FOX confused fans by showing last year’s race during a rain delay and FOX News followed with a report declaring Johnson the 2014 Daytona 500 winner, Earnhardt tweeted for the first time after Daytona. As for Johnson winning the 2014 Daytona 500, I guess you really can’t believe everything you hear. But that’s beside the point. I’m getting off topic.

Anyway, back to NASCAR drivers and Twitter. Earnhardt was reluctant to join Twitter, despite being a self-proclaimed computer geek. That changed after his most recent Daytona 500 win. I guess a win at Daytona is enough for a guy to shed those social media inhibitions.

If Junior joins, the rest will come, I guess. Even though, according to Stewart in 2012, it’s not a national holiday just because Earnhardt wins a race. Translation: The world doesn’t revolve around Junior, so get over it. I hope I didn’t misinterpret what Stewart said. A fear of misinterpretation, according to Stewart, was one of the rerasons it took him so long to hop on the Twitter train. He deals with that “crap” enough in the real world. Speaking of, would that be classified as one of those first world problems I read about on Twitter? Okay, I’m getting off topic again.

Not all the hold outs have slowly followed Earnhardt to Twitter, at least not yet. Carl Edwards now seems to be the biggest Twitter hold out. But I remember when there were several other drivers who were reluctant to join the Twitterverse, and at least one driver’s reasoning was rather humorous.

Before joining Twitter, Clint Bowyer once told a TV reporter that he wasn’t on Twitter because he had no desire to know when people went to the bathroom and didn’t understand why people would care when he went to the bathroom. I don’t remember and couldn’t find Bowyer’s exact quote, but I definitely remember the bathroom reference. Since then, Michael Waltrip Racing has made sure that Bowyer is on Twitter.

Now that Bowyer’s on Twitter, he seems to enjoy it, right along with Earnhardt and longtime tweeter Brad Keselowski, among most other NASCAR drivers. Will the remainder of NASCAR Nation, namely Carl Edwards, ever hop on the Twitter bandwagon? Who knows? At one time, Earnhardt and Stewart didn’t see themselves there. And Bowyer wasn’t sure about jumping on Twitter for bathroom updates. So, it could happen.

If you’re on Twitter, it’s pretty easy to locate your favorite driver(s) and some are downright entertaining Twitter reads. Sorry if you’re an Edwards fan; maybe you’ll get to enjoy Twitter musings from your driver sooner or later.

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