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Watkins Glen boot worthy of NASCAR consideration

Leading into NASCAR’s yearly visit to Watkins Glen International for its second road-course race of the year, one can almost count on at least one thing — gripes, questions, etc., that go something like, “Why doesn’t NASCAR run the boot?” “NASCAR should run the boot.”

Honesty, I never really had an opinion, either way. Don’t run the boot, fine. Run the boot, fine, whatever. I, honestly, didn’t really care, for whatever reason. Now, after hearing driver Michael McDowell’s case for running the boot, I’m all for it. Sure, running the boot would make for longer laps, and therefore, fewer laps. So what? The race could still be at least in the ballpark of the current distance with longer but fewer laps.

According to McDowell, adding the boot to the route NASCAR competitors make around the track, lap in and lap out, would “add more challenge to the race track.” I’m for that. Don’t we want these racers to be challenged? After all, wouldn’t more challenging racing make the racing more intriguing, more interesting? I think so.”

Also according to McDowell, the addition of the boot would “create some more passing opportunities.” Heck yeah! Hasn’t increasing passing been NASCAR primary goal in aero-package changes the last few years? Hasn’t a lack of passing been a fan gripe the last few years? Running the boot at The Glen — problem solved, at least somewhat, if McDowell’s statements are accurate. And why wouldn’t they be?

“Tight corners are what create passing opportunity,” McDowell also said. Looking for tight corners? The boot at The Glen definitely delivers there.

Come on, NASCAR. It’s time to run the boot at Watkins Glen. There, I said it.

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