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Whenever Furniture Row Racing stumbles, Joe Gibbs Racing gets a black eye

Did Joe Gibbs Racing use slick business practices to rid itself of one of its toughest competitors? Whether JGR intentionally drove the proverbial nail in the Furniture Row Racing coffin, only the powers that be at JGR now. But public image sure doesn’t look good since FRR announced its closure at the end of the season.

We’re talking Furniture Row Racing, here. You know, the team that won the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series last year and has four wins this year. That four-win tally in the 26-race regular season trails only Kevin Harvick and Joe Gibbs Racing’s Kyle Busch. But let’s get back to that championship of a year ago. Furniture Row Racing beat JGR, and everyone else for that matter, with JGR equipment. I could understand how that could leave a bitter taste in JGR’s mouth.

When Furniture Row Racing owner Barney Visser announced hit team’s closure, effective at 2018 season’s end, he cited the rising cost of his technical alliance with JGR as one of the reasons he could no longer afford to keep his team going, at least not at the level it has reached the last couple of years. How about a couple more facts that creates the image of a vindictive JGR?

No official announcement has come forth regarding where current FRR driver and reigning Cup Series champion Martin Truex Jr. and crew chief Cole Pearn will land next year, but multiple reports citing sources in the know have them at none other than JGR next year. I’m guessing such a move would leave a bitter taste in Visser’s mouth.

Remember the pit crew debacle of last year? If not, I’ll refresh your memory. Two of Truex’s pit crew members were suspended for three races by Joe Gibbs Racing last year. Yes, Furniture Row Racing crew members were suspended by Joe Gibbs Racing. During last year’s Brickyard 400, a couple of Truex’s crew members got into an altercation with Jason Ratcliff, Busch’s crew chief, and as a result were suspended by JGR. Ratcliff was not punished. How did that happen? Well, JGR hires and employs the Furniture Row Racing pit crew. That makes for kind of a sticky arrangement, there, doesn’t it? In the time since, FRR was given control of its pit crew, but not before that JGR PR nightmare.

I’m not coming right out an saying that JGR killed FRR to get rid of a tough competitor. But to some, image is everything, and JGR isn’t helping its image any when it comes across as the jealous older brother of a child prodigy.

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