Become a NASCAR driver with these tips



Becoming a NASCAR driver is a dream for many people. Experienced drivers in this sport will tell you that there’s no definitive route to building a reputation. Some NASCAR enthusiasts learn about the sport from their parents at a young age, while others attend racing schools. Whatever route you decide to take, your dream of being the next Dale Earnhardt is achievable, though not without focus and proper mental and physical preparation. The tips in this article will help you get started and quickly rise through the ranks.

1. Start racing in Go-Karts

Most professional NASCAR drivers began racing at an early age. The sooner you get behind the wheel, the longer the time you have to practice, and the better you become. For instance, Lewis Hamilton’s journey started at 10 years of age after winning the British Kart Championship. Renting and practicing with Go-Karts may sound simple, but it is an excellent starting point. It gives you the first-hand experience you need to hone your skills. Go-Karts mainly train you on how to control a car at a young age. With time, maneuvering around the oval racetracks becomes easy. 

2. Learn technical car tuning

A basic understanding of racing car mechanics is vital. Although you may not be actively repairing your car, you need knowledge of how the engine, suspension, and chassis work. Without this knowledge, getting the best out of a racing car in a competition may be impossible.

It is natural for experienced drivers to understand the cars they’re driving. As a beginner, you can invest in learning this skill and harness it with time. Learn about different racing cars, the best prices for auto gear, and where to find them.

3. Look for sponsors and network

Becoming a NASCAR driver requires a sponsor. Sponsors help you build your brand and find races for you to compete. You can find them in-person during racing competitions or online through social media.

Sponsors can do more than link you with competitions. They teach you how to negotiate for good rates and even communicate well with stakeholders and in front of cameras. In general, they touch on every aspect of your profession and make you a NASCAR quality driver.

4. Attend a racing school and become licensed

You can also hone your skills in a racing school. With racing school experience, you’ve more expertise under your belt. For instance, you may choose to take part in the NASCAR driving course to have a taste of what you should expect as a professional driver. Attending a racing school opens up more opportunities for you. It makes it easier to get licensed and be on the radar of teams looking for professional drivers.


Those are some of the best tips to help you get started with NASCAR driving. Starting early with Go-Karts, learning basic mechanics, and networking with sponsors will help you grow your skill. Remember to get professionally trained and licensed.